Have you ever been stumped on what size, pattern or fabric to look for when buying a rug? These are common questions and often can get people very confused. Rugs can be such a great addition to any home and it’s important to get it right.

With my love of design and teaching about design, I don’t want anyone to get overwhelmed about rugs and getting them right. So I am here to share some great tips of the trade so you can walk away from your rug buying transaction with ease and confidence.

First tip is that the biggest misconception is that you need an expensive rug to make your home look right. Yes, an expensive rug can look amazing but there is so much more to getting it right than that. You need to think about who and what are walking over this rug daily, is it in your living room, foyer or in a room that isn’t treaded on often. All those factors play into the 3 questions at the beginning: size, pattern and fabric! Let’s say you have a dog that loves to be outside, that will lead you to possibly not expensive but rather an affordable pattern (to hide the little marks) and a durable fabric (that will withstand the back and forth). If you have a puppy or a toddler, again you can get a rug that is beautiful and affordable because there may be accidents and you won’t be devastated if you have to change the rug out. Now let’s say you have a gorgeous sitting area that you use often but there is not a lot of foot traffic. This is an area you can think about that expensive and luxurious rug.

I love talking about rugs and could do it all day! Instead of writing more and having your read all of it, I created a podcast that just went live on Decorate Like A Design Boss. You can listen here and see if you can pick up anymore helpful tips around picking out your perfect rug.

If you missed last week’s episode, check it out here also!

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