Getting color right in your home

Join me this week as I’m sharing my tips to find our the right color for your interior. You might be surprised when you hear them, but I have never created a space without them, so it’s time to take inventory and learn how to put that sparkle back into your home.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How to determine a warm and cool color in your house
  • Finding the Element to Work around when picking your colors
  • How to TEST out your colors that you pick

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Full Episode Transcript:

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[00:00 – 02:30] Opening Segment
• Welcome to today’s episode
• Take your interior design skills to the next level, join my Interior Design Insiders Club
• This episode’s challenge: getting your color right

[02:31 – 07:18] Let’s Talk about Color
• Getting color right is not as challenging as it may seem
• Distinguishing warm tone and cool tones
• Choosing the the right color
◦ Step 1: assess and determine if the big elements in your home are warm or cool
◦ Step 2: determine the undertone of the color
◦ Step 3: choose a warm/cool tone to compliment your “elephants”
◦ Step 4: Test out your colors
◦ Step 3: don’t pick your colors right away, know where you are going
• Paint 2 coats on poster boards instead of testing it on your wall
• Color is best when it’s compared to something and combined with something
[07:19 -09:43] Closing Segment
• Lessons learned from this episode
• Recap of the episode
• Send your photos and questions, see links below
• Final words

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