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Are you addicted to color but don't quite know how to make it work in your home?

Learn how to use color like a pro with my free Color Boss Workshop!

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Decorating can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be!

My mission is to help you create a beautiful, functional space that is uniquely you... without having to spend a fortune.

You should love every inch of your space

Maybe you’ve tried to “fix” your home with a new set of throw pillows here, and new coat of paint there, but your vision never quite materializes as easy as your Pinterest board does.

You just want a home that supports your lifestyle so you can enjoy living in your home rather than perpetually working on your home.

And if you become the envy of your friends and family when you host social events? That’s just the icing on the cake.

Let me help you create your dream home

Hi, I'm Kimberly Grigg.

Over more than 30 years as a professional Interior Designer who creates gorgeous luxury spaces for my clients, I discovered a specific formula for achieving beautiful, functional homes that reflect my client’s needs and personalities.

As a matter of fact, that’s the #1 comment I get from my interior design clients… that I have a knack for creating unique spaces that perfectly fit their style and their families in ways they never could have dreamed of!

While I largely design for the kind of clients who choose to hire a professional to create swoon-worthy spaces in their homes, I truly believe that beautiful decor should be accessible to everyone, because you deserve to live in a home you love.

It’s my dream to help you create and decorate your own space beautifully and confidently in a way that suits your individual needs, style and personality.

I look forward mentoring you during your design journey!

You deserve beautiful decor

Whether you are in search of a professional design system that will help you beautify every part of your home or a club filled with like-minded design enthusiasts for ongoing inspiration, tips and insight... I can help.

Start now with one of my online design offerings:

Are you addicted to color but don't know how to work the colors you love into your home?

Maybe you just want to add a little pop to your decorating scheme.

Either way, learn how to use color like a pro with my free Color Boss Workshop!

Free Color Boss Workshop!

If you're not sure what you like, how can you possibly decorate a home that you love?

My Design DNA course will teach you how to clearly identify the decorating elements and styles that truly resonate with you...

So you can stop wondering why your space never quite looks the way you want it to, and start creating rooms that you truly love!

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Do you spend your time gathering ideas to make your home more beautiful, but don't know how to execute on your vision?

The Design Superstar Decorating System will teach you how to approach your home decor like an interior designer...

No matter what your budget!

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"Kimberly Grigg is so gifted in many areas of interior design, but one of my favorite qualities is her ability to fuse the perfect combinations of color, textures and patterns of rich, luxurious fabrics together to make every space she touches pop! I would call her the Fairy God Mother of Home Interior."

Lesley Hill
Suncoast Building Products & Services

Imagine waking up every morning in a functional, beautiful space that is uniquely you.

It's time for you to unlock your inner
Design Superstar

You're one step away from being able to create the functional, beautiful space of your dreams... so what are you waiting for?

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