Welcome to the Decorate Like A Design Boss podcast with Kimberly Grigg!

Are you a design lover who spends your free time gathering DIY ideas to make your home more beautiful… but still can’t quite decorate your spaces with confidence and ease?

Join professional Interior Designer, Kimberly Grigg AKA the Fairy Godmother of Interior Design as she teaches you how to decorate like a pro.  You’ll learn step by step how to create colorful, functional and gorgeous spaces in your own home… because you deserve to live in a home you love!

Each week you’ll learn how to identify your own style, fuse the perfect combination of colors, textures and patterns and finally be able to decorate your home like a DESIGN BOSS!


I’m giving away my adorable monkey bowls to 3 lucky listeners. Keep reading to find out how you can enter!


Listen to the first episodes:

  • Ep #1: How to Decorate a Space that Screams You The design process doesn’t start with picking a paint color or a fabric swatch or even a Pinterest board. And, you don’t need to have experience with interior design to use this tool! In this episode, you will learn how to implement a simple technique that will help you create spaces that resonate with who you are. 
  • Ep #2: Discover Your Design DNADo you like soft edges or hard lines in your home? Do you prefer your windows to have ledges, or are you more inspired by sleek and modern designs? In this episode, you’ll find out why your Design DNA is like the window to your soul. When you understand it, you can answer all the questions listed above and more with ease.
  • Ep #3: How to Be Your Own Queen of StyleWhen asked about style, most people think of traditional style labels like classic elegance, boho chic, or even coastal. But these labels just skim the surface of what style truly means. To find a deeper understanding of your style follow the steps I’ve laid out in this episode.


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