1. Assess your space and create a floor plan, even a vision board of room/projects you like (from Pinterest or google)
  2. Make a list of everything your space might need
  3. Make a spreadsheet with 3 columns…list the items you want in column 1, the guesstimated/budgeted cost in column 2 and the actual cost in column 3 with a total of everything at the bottom
  4. Now, do your research!!! If you need a sofa, then research types of sofas that you like, list the price in the budgeted column. Repeat that for every item.

By doing the steps listed above, you will find yourself saving time, energy and money!

The above might sound like common sense to read but how often do we sit down and actually go over how much everything is going to cost. I use to just start letting my eyes and not my brain make the calls on items that I liked. Doing that lead to being over budget and only half the room was furnished. There are so many amazing items out there but rarely is there not 2 or 3 other items almost the same in different price points. That is why it’s important to stick to a plan and make sure you are following the steps above. You can make an amazing space even on a budget and possibly splurging on a few items here and there.

Another great tip is finding your Design DNA and really knowing what your style is before you are start into decorating project in any space in your home. The course teaches you if you like straight lines, curves, and so much more. It is a great guide to assess what you are loving now and how to implement that into your project or whole home. You can take my course all about your Design DNA here!

I also love to be able to chat with you about any projects, please reach out on social Instagram, Facebook or here.

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