We hear the phrase “living in gratitude” all the time.  It’s become so common that we almost ignore it completely or we nod blankly.  I, however, invite you to rethink this phrase. What does it mean to you? What does it really mean to you and your relationship with your home?

I tend to believe that many of us get frustrated with our homes.  The roof leaks, the floor buckles, the air conditioning breaks, it’s too small, it’s too large, I don’t like the décor and on and on it goes….

When we start hating on our spaces we actually shift the mindset of the home.  I know this sounds kinda “WOO”, but stay with me and let me explain! Consider this instead; our homes shelter us and provide safety.  This is where we make our memories. This is where we seek solace. This is the place that we were so happy to occupy when we first bought or rented it that we couldn’t stand it.  Yes, the leaks and breaks are frustrating but this is life, not a bad home. And certainly not a reason to start hating on your home.

I say, think of your home as raising a child.  It begins in an embryonic state. You love it, feed it and nurture it and it grows.  It falls down and has boo-boo’s. It frustrates you and it doesn’t always do what you want it to do.  But instead of hating on your home, why not tackle the problems each at a time (just like raising a child) and find solutions that will help you grow your spaces in love.

When you fill your home with loving energy and thoughts it shows.  I have never decorated a space successfully with bad energy. Yes, it looked beautiful, but the spirits of the occupants affect the personality of the home.   I know this is hard to believe, but after 20+ years of decorating spaces, I know when the home is not loved and nurtured and that when there are other problems, the home is often the “blame” for unhappiness.  To me, I know it sounds a bit “WOO” but this is really true. Your home reflects the personalities of the people who live there. What is your home saying about you?

Does your home say you are a hoarder?  If so, then clean up your space and hire an organizer to help you get sorted.  Does your home say you are living too busily? If so, figure out ways to shift your spaces into a super organized space of solace that allows you to seek balance.  Does your home seem tired and old? Ok, tackle one space at a time and organize and update. If you can’t afford this at the moment, then, make plans to do so. Even this mind-shift will help your spaces support you more.  Does your home suggest that you are sad? Then, go purchase something beautiful even if it’s a bouquet of flowers, add some happiness to your space. I could go on and on, but you get the gist.

As we enter this holiday season, especially Thanksgiving, I encourage you to have a spirit of real gratitude for your home.  Make a list of all the ways your home is fabulous and celebrate this.  When you live in this spirit then the breaks, leaks, and boo-boo’s are far less frustrating and far less overwhelming. 

Every day upon rising I want you to think of at least one thing each day that you are grateful for about your home.   It can even be simple such as, “I love you my home.  Thank you for providing shelter.” Or, “thank you home for providing me a safe space.”  If you discover that you are overwhelmed or daunted by the condition of your space and you need help figuring this out, then call me.  I can help you create the home of your dreams that also supports you in many ways. 

Try this shift in mindset and let me know how it worked for you.  And always, “Live inspired.  Live on purpose and Make Your World Beautiful”.

XOXO, Kimberly

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