Are you wondering how to make your home look like a Million Dollars?

Well, I am here to guide you through the steps to help elevate your space.

1. Anchor your space with at least one Quality Piece.

I prefer a good antique; typically a European one sets the tone. I love to then add the juxtaposition of the old mixed with the very new modern pieces. That keeps things feeling fresh and lux.

2. STOP with the diy and the cutesy.

If you go all DIY, your home can start to look a bit cutesy and will not give you that rich looking space. Pick and choose your DIY projects carefully.

This starts at the front door. This might ruffle some feathers but get RID of the dried or faux floral wreath on your front door. Ask yourself, is it cute or is it elegant? A cutesy color scheme unless elegantly pulled together can feel a bit cheap. Opt for less color unless you really know what you are doing.

3.Go BIG, Scale really Matters

Larger frames, mirrors and art can make your space feel much more lux and pulled together. One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing small frames all across a home. Pick a couple photos you love and have them blown up in a tasteful way and make them feel like a statement.

4. De Clutter

Overly filled shelves and entry ways can really take the rich feeling away when you walk in the door.

5. Cheap lighting

Short Lamps and chandeliers mass produced spells spending good money after bad products.

6. Buy Real/ Forget Faux

Think about investing in real stone. Quartz is the exception but fake marble like Formica will just cheapen your home in the long run

7. Style your Shelves

You want to style your shelves with meaningful pieces instead of souvenirs. Use original art when you can. This doesn’t have to be expensive but these pieces do need to be important.

It’s important to train your eye to know what quality looks like. There are some good buys and values out there but you don’t want your focal point to be low quality or less than. Your focal points need to Sizzle and POP. How? Educate yourself!! You can do that by visiting high quality stores and go visit low quality store, will you be able to start to notice the difference.

I leave you with this, CURATE! Train your eye to curate and elevate! If you still would love help learning more, I love teaching about this if you aren’t a member yet, sign up here so you don’t miss this amazing call where you will get to ask me questions in real time.

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