For years, I have started the year off by selecting a “word” that seems to embody and embrace my hopes, my dreams and my goals for the New Year. I love this practice!  First, I have to say, I love new beginnings because they are filled with so much hope that this puts me in the perfect mindset for searching my heart for its truest desires when I start the process of selecting my word.  When I finally settle on my word I tend to think of it as a sacred bond between me and myself and my word!



 By now, I guess you are wondering what the heck my word is! Fair enough, ha!  Let’s get the orchestra all fired up and playing. Here it is! My WORD, all wrapped up in its very own glory, my beautiful, meaningful, glorious, fabulous word.   My word for 2020 is: 


It’s a tidy little word to keep me looking toward the future, keep me in line with my aspirations, keep me focused on my my goals and to clear out the things that no longer serve me.  There are also words I have used before that have created amazing results.


I know this word thing sounds a little crazy, but it’s really true.  One of my most meaningful words that brought big results was one I selected was a few years ago, when my word was “Authenticity”.  I really wanted to be upfront about everything in my life and I wanted my work, my passions, and my goals to be true to me. At this time, I was feeling that I was at everyone else’s mercy.   If a client wanted me to do this and that or adhere to an unrealistic deadline, even though I knew this was not the best way to achieve the best result, I adapted myself to accommodate. And at home, I was paper-thin. 

I felt like all I did was play “beat the clock” to get everyone else taken care of and then, I would fall into the bed exhausted and if the truth be known, I was a little angry. Once I put the word “authenticity” to work in my life, I began to show up for myself authentically and sincerely.  I began to think about what would make me a happier Mom, wife and a more creative and efficient designer and business owner. Selecting “my word” worked like a charm. I was soon able to say to clients, “everyone else might not work like this, but this is how I can best serve you This is how I work”. When home demands became overwhelming, I was able to say, “I can’t do that today honey, but I can gladly get to it by the end of the week”….or even better, “this is a teaching moment, my love, and this is truly something you can do yourself, do you need me to help you figure out the steps?” 

This one word proved magical to me. Living an authentic life began to teach me that “stuffing my feelings” was counterproductive and would only produce resentment, but that if I could get in touch with how I really felt about whatever the situation, then I could make decisions based on my true feelings. It was akin to putting your own oxygen mask on first! Living an “authentic” life put this in perspective and soon my JOY returned and my work and homelife soared.



Whatever my word for the year, it becomes my  “HEAD WORD”, but sometimes I pick another word, a “SUB WORD” for an individual month or period of time that I feel I need more. Or for when I feel like I want to become laser-focused on something specific. This “SUB WORD” is always supportive of my “HEAD WORD” and always supportive of my goals and intentions for the year but it might also be more personal or specific with regards to the things I want to accomplish immediately. 



How ‘bout you?  Do you use “word power” to help you achieve your goals and dreams?  If so, what’s your WORD OF THE YEAR?

Do you ever have a “subword”?

Well, I do both and I encourage you to as well.  This one simple small act has made a huge difference in my life.  I post the word in all my spaces. It appears on my mirror, my computer screen, even in my closet.  This year I even set an alarm on my calendar to remind me to tune into my word on the first day of every month.   

I am soooo excited about this new year and the new decade.   I have already hit the “REFRESH” button in a very big way and am eager to share my upcoming plans, goals, and dreams with you.  I am always thinking of ways I can help you live more beautifully and I promise, I am committed to this process.

As we go through this year together, my friends, let’s live joyfully, beautifully and in appreciation.


  XX and lots of OOOOOOOOOO’s,



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