10 White Things I Cannot Live Without     

White living room

Beautiful white living room from Elle Decor Magazine


My Pilates instructor informed me that to attain my fitness goals for the year 2010 that I must give up the white components of my diet. At first, I listened and then acquiesced, thinking that maybe if I didn’t say anything she would move on to another topic, such as seeing if she could continue stretching me half in two on her torture trap called the Stott Pilates machine.     




And to think that I pay her to torture me like this! Well, as you know, aging brings with it some sad realities, such as that you have to go to Pilates in the first place. Back when I didn’t even know what Pilates was, I asked some friends (who were looking great, by the way) for the name of a good instructor. I knew I should have run like hell when they called her the “Skinny Nazi B****!” But no, naïve and under 50 for ½ a year more, I signed up.     

The more I think about this white thing, the more I am clinging to my “pure” thoughts about all things white. Like heavy whipping cream. Surely she doesn’t mean that. Who in their right mind would ever want to give up that luscious stuff? And not rice either, right? As a vegetarian, I use it as a staple in my diet; you know, the filler, the glue that keeps me going, especially when smothered in Worcestershire Sauce. And what about those good ’ole southern grits, the ones that are so good when loaded with butter (yellow!) and heavy whipping cream. Oh my, I am not sure I can bear this. I am told white flour turns to sugar and that sugar is a very bad thing. This Pilates woman surely wasn’t raised in the South where we refer to sugar as sugah and it just sounds so good rolling off our tongues that you simply must consume some more. OMG, next she’ll be announcing I have to give up white wine – now that really is the limit!     

Well, I have firmly put my foot down and insisted even to the Skinny Nazi B**** that there are simply some white things I cannot live without. Here is my TOP 10:     

dover white

Sherwin-Williams Dover White


 1. Sherwin Williams 7132, Dover White and Benjamin Moore AC 1030 Linen White as my go-to paint colors when I need a warm white for a multitude of decorating needs    

2. White Sheets and towels. There is something very pure and simple about white sheets and towels. No   

Matouk bedding

Matouk bedding


color for me, as I am a purist and somehow white seems much cleaner. I especially love my Matouk luscious looped extra thick and extra absorbent fluffy towels along with Matouk’s super smooth Egyptian cotton Sateen Sheet  Collection.    

white martini

Picture of a white martini from ehow.com


3.   Albino Martini’s, made with citrine vodka and white cranberry juice, refreshing and yummy!     

4.     White sofas, especially in other people’s houses. They are far too delicate in mine with my plethora of children and pets. I love the look, though, so dreamy!     

5.    White lights on Christmas trees. As much as my children have begged, I still can’t go for the colored lights. I love     

Union Square Christmas Tree

Union Square Christmas Tree


  the glow from the white lights and I love, love, love millions of them sparkling on the Christmas tree! I am energy conscious the remainder of the year but I must have my white light fix once every year!     

6.    Honed white carrerra marble as countertops. In spite of all the warnings from tile installers, I still love honed marble! While the honing
honed white carrera countertop

Honed white carrera countertop via Flickr Images


process does soften the stone, I have installed it numerous times as countertops and years later, the homeowners are happy and say it has held up beautifully!     

7.    Scents made with white flowers. KAI is my favorite daytime fragrance (available at Henri Bendel’s in NYC). I also adore a lovely line of candles called Low Country Lux. They have white floral based scents like Gullah, Sugah, Peachtree Road, Belle and Beaux and my personal favorite New Orleans.     

Low Country Lux candles

Low Country Lux candles


8.    White cabinets. Is there really any better look for a kitchen???     

9.    White China. It’s such a basic but, believe it or not, as much as I love china I did not have a set until this year. It is so versatile and is great mixed with other antique patterns or modern day ones. I use it for holiday time with holiday salad plates and accessories.  I also use it for any occasion because of its versatility. This is a definite must have for 2010, plus all food EXCEPT WHITE FOOD looks good on it!!!     

Elegant table

Elegant table setting from istock


10.  White Wine.  Positively under no circumstances! I am a color expert and I haven’t seen one glass yet that was actually white. This is where I draw the line. ’Nuff said! Just don’t tell the NSB (Nazi Skinny B****!)     

What white things are YOU giving up in 2010 and which ones do you REFUSE to live without?     

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