Pet-friendly and cozy was the aim of this home. Rugs that can take abuse along with furniture made for “lolling” was required!  Yet, the homeowner requested simplicity and of course, elegance. Is it possible to have all of these things in one space?  You bethcha and here’s how:

We started with a soft gray/blue color palette to keep things on the simple side. Utilizing natural materials such as a petrified tree to create a mantle, we decided less was more, but that utilizing less meant that everything had to be important.  This mix of natural materials along with the use of fibers such as “crypton”  for seating and synthetic rugs that still look great was key in achieving success in this interior.

To complement the overall feeling, soft and simple linen draperies were incorporated even though the homeowner was initially adamant that they didn’t want any window treatments. We felt so strongly about the need for them in order to have a cohesive complete look that I was actually willing to take the risk if they didn’t like them! Of course, once installed, the homeowners were thrilled with how important the draperies were to the overall look and feel of the space.

These clients sent me frequent checkmark texts during the whole process. It was very gratifying to receive a giant RED check at the conclusion of this project!