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 After a divorce years ago, I tried to heal and figure out who I was by constantly repainting the walls of my small but lovely cottage in the Myrtle Beach area. I went through cool phases and warm phases, depending on my mood and what I was going through. My aunt, who is a social worker, used to come visit my walls to get a true read on how I was coming along in my healing process. I painted my little cottage walls so often, I think I lost square footage due to the thickness of the multiple layers of paint!  

I had no idea at the time the lessons I was teaching myself about paint, but as I look back, I can see that they were invaluable.   

 I have made it a practice to rarely use a paint color more than once. After all, there are so many color options, why should we limit ourselves? Some colors, however, have proved more reliable over time, and these are my “go to” colors. While these colors are worthy of repeat, I incorporate them in ways that create a fresh appeal. This makes them timeless colors that I will love forever.  

My favorite go-to colors are ones that have enough pigmentation that they change as the light changes. This creates more bang for your buck because the color becomes many different colors throughout the day. 

Colors I love: 

Abingdon Putty

Abingdon Putty by Benjamin-Moore

 Abingdon Putty, a wonderful neutral in a gray green tone. At different times of the day it appears gold, sometimes a muddy green, and often a gray green. 

White Rain

White Rain by Benjamin-Moore

 White Rain. This color is a lovely and uplifting shade of blue green. It is so light and airy and feels very spa-like. A wonderful shade for a bedroom. However, I recently used it successfully for a French Bistro kitchen. 

 Grape Mist. Lilac is the new color trend and this one is quite lovely because it has some gray in it and it doesn’t scream purple! A wonderful addition to a ceiling or a child’s room. I recently used this (photo’s to come as this is a work in progress) as a ceiling color for a child who loves purple. I paired and calmed it nicely with a grayed brown and a grayed white. I think you will love this, so stay tuned. 

Grape Mist painted ceiling

This work-in-progress children's room features Sherwin-Williams "Grape Mist" on the ceiling. Stay tuned to see the final result!


Creamery.  Hard to beat this yellow-toned ivory that makes for a wonderful wall or trim color. It is warm and lovely and in an eggshell (shiny) finish. This color appears very luscious and neutral. Click here to see the paint chip on the Sherwin-Williams website… “Creamery” by Sherwin-Williams 

Color is about mood, as I learned during my healing process. As a designer (a healed and happy one today), I often let color be the lead element in designing a room. Color evokes emotion and is a definite influence on whether a room is successful. Start with these tried and true color winners, and enjoy the benefit of the changing light as your day unfolds. You won’t feel the need to constantly repaint, and your square footage won’t shrink from so many layers of paint! 

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