Get ready to learn the fundamentals they don't teach in design school

learn how interior design
is done in the real world

You’re a woman who loves interior design, but wonders how it’s “really done.” Sure, you’ve been told you have a “good eye,” but sometimes you wonder if your style is too “matchy-matchy,”not polished enough, feels incomplete, or lacks a sense of flair. Deep down, you’re tired of constantly second-guessing your design choices, not knowing if they’re a good fit for you, your family, or your client.

in this course, you’ll get answers to questions like:
  • How do you just “know” what to do with a blank room and create it from start to finish?
  • When I’m stuck and there are so many choices, how can I make the right decision and move forward?
  • Why do you blend certain colors together?
  • How do you add a touch of the unexpected?
  • What can I do to make my rooms look polished but yet livable?
  • How do you hit the mark and create rooms that resonate with the people who live in the space?
  • I went to school for design and I am pretty good with the “taught typical fundamentals” but I don’t really know about the day to day functions, like how to properly measure for window treatments (or why they are even important), no-nonsense furniture arrangements, or tried and true methods to select the right colors everytime.

Welcome to

fundamentals they don’t teach
in design school

Interior Design Online Course

7 lessons

Each lesson is recorded and self-paced so you can complete the course, on your time, as fast or slow as you want. The lessons cover:

  • LESSON 1: Who's Living In Your House? Bulls, Owls, Lambs and Tigers Oh My!
  • LESSON 2: Is Your Home In A Good Mood? Function, Style and Creating the right Mood!
  • LESSON 3: The "Magic" of Inspiration and Looking for it in All The Right Places!
  • LESSON 4: Color Courage...developing confidence and learning the recipe for choosing the right color everytime!
  • LESSON 5: The F Word In Design: Focal Points, FloorPlans and Furniture!
  • LESSON 6: The Secret Sauce for All Design!
  • LESSON 7: The Crowning Jewels: Lighting and Accessories 
Interior Design Online Course

2 live Q&A sessions

There will be 2 live sessions with me during the course where we cover common mistakes designers make and how to overcome them.

Each of these sessions will also have a Q&A forum for your questions, so you can confidently move forward in your interior design knowledge.

design a successful, beautiful
space from start to finish

If you want to build your design skills
and learn a system that allows you to create rooms
with flair and ease, this course is for you.

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